Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Prevention: Music

While one has music in himself, he thinks right, because each right thought, each right feeling is a correct combination of tones.

There is music with not stave, but with six lines. Six cardinal lines and other subsidiary ones.
I talk a lot about music, but you say: “We are old, singing is for the young people." What is the song of the young people and what is the song of the old ones? Young people sing: “I got up.”, and the old ones sing: “I became bent", which means that they have become curvilinear with one more center, with a new center. One, who thinks in a musical way, bends his head, because it is heavy for him. He thinks: this is not arranged, that is not arranged; it hurts him here and there. If he sings to the ill place, because the thought is concentrated in that direction, more blood will come and soon he will recover. Without singing, the capillaries get narrower and the blood circulation does not happen in the right way.

People, who have tender feelings, have music. They may sing and play and stand high in respect to consciousness.

Tones are connected to the planets, to all heavenly bodies. The whole world is a musical composition. All planets have a special tone. All numberless worlds sing at various scales. Supreme beings and all higher hierarchies sing. You cannot be happy without music. You cannot understand Christianity without music. The first songs of the Christians were ordinary and sad, because they were chased and music was not so available. There are creatures in Nature, who does not allow singing. Bulgarians also think that it is not appropriate for an old man to sing.

All old mantras, from the hoary antiquity, are implemented in the songs, which I have given to you. If you sing them in the right way, you will benefit of them. These songs are created in accordance with laws of the future music. These are songs, which do not die. Do you think that they are being created today?

Sing a song to God. If you have made mistakes in singing, do not embarrass. When the song passes through the angles, they will correct it and when it reaches God, He corrects is so that it becomes the best symphony and then he returns it. When a brother or a sister comes and asks you to sing something, sing right away one song, two songs, as many as he wants. Never say that you will spoil your voice in this way. There shall be readiness in music, generosity. If you sing, you will gain. One, who sings, always gains. There is not a singer, who have sung and failed in the angels of music, but all that do not sing, have failed.

All tones are living beings in the Invisible world. “Do” is a specific tone only of certain rational beings. “Re" is a tone of other beings, etc. When we sing the scale, we are in connection to those beings. As long as we sing, they come and we exchange with them. The mind and the heart are the base of the laws of singing. We all, by working together, will achieve what God wants. Many creatures, by singing, by thinking, the thought goes rightly. It is a very hard work for a man to think by himself. While singing, think that you are being helped by the genes of music. The contemporary world may get rid of the sorrows only in this way. When people start singing, they will stop thinking ill.

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